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New Marine Fish
Shop the latest marine aquarium fish offerings from LiveAquaria®. Find a wonderful assortment of newly-available saltwater aquarium fish in one convenient spot. Spend less time searching for the perfect specimen to showcase in your marine aquarium. Pursue your aquarium hobby with greater convenience when you shop this category of saltwater aquarium fish newly available at LiveAquaria®.
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Shop our LiveAquaria® New Marine Fish Category with confidence knowing all aquatic life from LiveAquaria® is backed by our 14-day Arrive Alive, Stay Alive guarantee. Give your existing aquarium a fresh look or stock your new setup with our latest offering of saltwater aquarium fish. Don't forget to bookmark the LiveAquaria® New Marine Fish page and check back often!

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Minimum Aquarium Size
Care Level
Color Form
Yellow Tang, Captive-Bred, Biota Yellow Tang, Captive-Bred, Biota
(Zebrasoma flavescens)
Starting at $74.99
Barbouri Seahorse, Captive-Bred Barbouri Seahorse, Captive-Bred
(Hippocampus barbouri)
Starting at $199.99
White Tail Bristletooth Tang White Tail Bristletooth Tang
(Ctenochaetus flavicauda)
Starting at $229.99
Bell's Flasher Wrasse Bell's Flasher Wrasse
(Paracheilinus bellae)
Starting at $749.99
Four Line Wrasse Four Line Wrasse
(Pseudocheilinus tetrataenia)
Starting at $129.99
Blue Flasher Wrasse Blue Flasher Wrasse
(Paracheilinus cyaneus)
Starting at $44.99
Adorned Wrasse Adorned Wrasse
(Halichoeres cosmetus)
Starting at $29.99
Sea Grass Wrasse Sea Grass Wrasse
(Novaculichthys macrolepidotus)
Starting at $44.99
Red-Lined Wrasse Red-Lined Wrasse
(Halichoeres biocellatus)
Starting at $24.99
Dusky Wrasse Dusky Wrasse
(Halichoeres annularis)
Starting at $49.99
Two Spot Wrasse Two Spot Wrasse
(Cheilinus bimaculatus)
Starting at $49.99
Two Tone Wrasse Two Tone Wrasse
(Halichoeres prosopeion)
Starting at $29.99
Jaguar Goby Jaguar Goby
(Gobiopsis quinquecincta)
Starting at $25.99
Black Axil Chromis Black Axil Chromis
(Chromis atripectoralis)
Starting at $9.69
Agile Chromis Agile Chromis
(Chromis agilis)
Starting at $32.99
Webers Chromis Webers Chromis
(Chromis weberi)
Starting at $19.99
Regal Demoiselle Regal Demoiselle
(Neopomacentrus cyanomos)
Starting at $6.99
Similar Damselfish Similar Damselfish
(Pomacentrus similis)
Starting at $5.99
Australian Stripey Australian Stripey
(Microcanthus strigatus)
Starting at $169.99
Red Sea Bannerfish Red Sea Bannerfish
(Heniochus intermedius)
Starting at $229.99
Spotted Moray 'Skeletor' Eel Spotted Moray 'Skeletor' Eel
(Echidna xanthospilos)
Starting at $139.99
Dwarf Moray Eel Dwarf Moray Eel
(Gymnothorax melatemus cf.)
Starting at $449.99
Yellow-Head Moray Eel Yellow-Head Moray Eel
(Gymnothorax fimbriatus)
Starting at $119.99
Axilspot Hogfish Axilspot Hogfish
(Bodianus axillaris )
Starting at $29.99
41 results