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Diver's Den: Marine Fish
What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG): the EXACT item you are ordering, not a representative photo. Diver's Den® items are held, quarantined and shipped from our state-of-the-art Coral Farm & Aquatic Life Facility in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

All Diver's Den® items must be shipped within 2 shipping days of placing your order.

Shop the LiveAquaria® Diver's Den® WYSIWYG Store Marine Fish Category for one-of-a-kind marine fish you are unlikely to see at most local fish stores. This collection of beautiful marine fish offers a choice selection for discerning saltwater aquarium hobbyists.

The Diver's Den® WYSIWYG Store Marine Fish Category is where you’ll find a wonderful assortment of "hard-to-find" specimens that make very infrequent appearances in the aquarium industry as well as notable saltwater aquarium fish demonstrating exceptional coloration or form.

Elevate your marine aquarium hobby with showcase specimen when you shop Diver's Den® WYSIWYG Store saltwater and marine aquarium fish specially selected and conditioned in our LiveAquaria® Coral Farm and Aquatic Life Facility!

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Reef Compatible
Max. Size
New Product Arothron Golden Puffer (click for more detail) Arothron Golden Puffer
(Arothron meleagris)
Was: $799.99
Now: $599.99
New Product Arothron White Spot Puffer (click for more detail) Arothron White Spot Puffer
(Arothron meleagris)
New Product Biota Captive-Bred Radial Filefish (click for more detail) Biota Captive-Bred Radial Filefish
(Acreichthys radiatus)
New Product Orange Spotted Blenny (click for more detail) Orange Spotted Blenny
(Blenniella chrysospilos)
New Product Yellow Banded Possum Wrasse [Blemish] (click for more detail) Yellow Banded Possum Wrasse [Blemish]
(Wetmorella nigropinnata)
Was: $79.99
Now: $59.99
New Product ORA® Captive-Bred Lemon Damselfish (Trio) (click for more detail) ORA® Captive-Bred Lemon Damselfish (Trio)
(Pomacentrus moluccensis)
New Product ORA® Captive-Bred Kamohara Blenny (Trio) (click for more detail) ORA® Captive-Bred Kamohara Blenny (Trio)
(Meiacanthus kamoharai)
New Product Yellow Scopas Tang (click for more detail) Yellow Scopas Tang
(Zebrasoma scopas var. )
New Product Colin's Angelfish (Bonded Pair) (click for more detail) Colin's Angelfish (Bonded Pair)
(Centropyge colini)
New Product Blue-Lined Rabbitfish (click for more detail) Blue-Lined Rabbitfish
(Siganus doliatus)
New Product Multibar Angelfish (click for more detail) Multibar Angelfish
(Paracentropyge multifasciata)
New Product Gem Tang (click for more detail) Gem Tang
(Zebrasoma gemmatum)
Was: $899.99
Now: $799.99
New Product Flame Cardinalfish (Trio) (click for more detail) Flame Cardinalfish (Trio)
(Apogon maculatus)
New Product Scissortail Dartfish (Trio) (click for more detail) Scissortail Dartfish (Trio)
(Ptereleotris evides)
New Product Two Spot Bimaculatus Blenny (click for more detail) Two Spot Bimaculatus Blenny
(Ecsenius bimaculatus)
New Product Pastel Tilefish (click for more detail) Pastel Tilefish
(Hoplolatilus cuniculus)
New Product Green Bird Wrasse [Blemish] (click for more detail) Green Bird Wrasse [Blemish]
(Gomphosus varius)
Was: $99.99
Now: $79.99
New Product Pearly Jawfish (click for more detail) Pearly Jawfish
(Opistognathus aurifrons)
New Product Tail Spot Blenny  (click for more detail) Tail Spot Blenny
(Ecsenius stigmatura)
New Product Pearly Jawfish  (click for more detail) Pearly Jawfish
(Opistognathus aurifrons)
160 results