Saltwater Aquarium Corals for Marine Reef Aquariums: Australian Plate Coral "UFO"
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Australian Plate Coral "UFO"
(Fungia sp.)
Australian Plate Coral "UFO"
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Quick Stats

Care Level Easy
Temperament Semi-aggressive
Color Form Green, Purple
Water Conditions 72-78° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.023-1.025
Origin Australia
Family Fungiidae
Lighting Moderate
Supplements Calcium, Strontium, Trace Elements
Waterflow Low to Medium
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The Green Rim UFO Plate Coral is a fantastic variety of Plate Coral demonstrating a distinct concentric color pattern that imparts a fun, flying saucer-like appearance. Plate Corals are relatively hard-to-find corals that originate from the Indo Pacific region, including Northern Australia. Plate Corals are found free living within the rubble zones of the reef and have the ability to inflate themselves to both maximize light exposure, and to keep from being covered in sand.

The Green Rim UFO Plate Coral is a solitary, semi-aggressive coral with shorter tentacles than its cousin, the Long Tentacle Plate Coral. However, even with shorter tentacles, the Green Rim UFO Plate Coral can still damage other corals it comes into contact. For placement in the aquarium, keep in mind that the Green Rim UFO Plate Coral will often inflate itself with water and expand to twice its size so take extra precaution to ensure ample space between neighboring corals. The Green Rim UFO Plate Coral will do best placed on the bottom of a reef aquarium, preferably lying on a fine sandy substrate.

The Green Rim UFO Plate Coral is relatively easy to maintain in the reef aquarium and makes an excellent candidate for the beginner reef aquarist. Care should be taken in handling it however, to prevent damage. The Green Rim UFO Plate Coral requires moderate lighting achieved by T-5s, powerful LEDs or the more intense metal halides combined with low to medium water movement within the aquarium. For continued good health, the Green Rim UFO Plate Coral will benefit from the addition of calcium, strontium, iodine, magnesium and trace elements to the water column. The photosynthetic symbiotic zooxanthellae algae hosted within the Green Rim UFO Plate Coral satisfies the majority of its nutritional requirements. However, the Green Rim UFO Plate Coral will benefit from supplemental feedings in the form of zooplankton, brine shrimp, or mysis shrimp fed twice per week in the evening while its tentacles are visible.

Approximate Purchase Size: Small: 1" to 2-1/4", Medium: 2" to 3-1/2"

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